Authentic Tantra massage, Tie n Tease, Foot Fetish Massage & Pleasure coaching for Men.

Here you'll find sessions I offer to men.   Your shower & consultation time are included within the appointed time:
  •  150 - 1 hour
  •  220 - 90 mins       
  •  300 - 2 hours                          
  •  350 - 2.5 hours                      
  •  410 - 3 hours                      
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Are you stressed or in need of some loving, feminine touch?

Are you lacking confidence with women?​  

Are you sexually inexperienced?​

Do you feel you are lacking sensation during sex?

Do you have issues with premature ejaculation?

Would you like to reconnect with your sensuality & sexuality in a playful & enjoyable way?


I am dedicated to assisting men in finding their sexual prowess. 

       I would love to help you find new & fun ways to connect with women, improve your sex & love life whilst having a great time. The space I offer to you is a safe & non judgemental one.  Here you are free to be your authentic self.  Expect my authentic self in return.     
 Please note:  I do not offer mutual touch to new clients.  If you would sincerely like to learn about giving pleasure to woman, I can offer you a course of sessions.  Please scroll down to see details of how I can help you. 

Authentic Tantric Massage, Sensual Massage: Body work sessions for those in need of receiving some loving, feminine touch.  Here I combine soft & delicate textures with deep holistic massage & Taoist breathing techniques to pamper you beyond your wildest dreams.

Bathing Rituals: The ultimate pampering experience.  Be bathed in candlelight & scented water before your massage.  I will take you on a sensory journey within the bath, blindfolding you & giving you delicious things to smell & taste.
 Tie n Tease Massage: Experience delicious elements of BDSM lovingly combined with Tantric or Sensual massage.  The perfect choice for the sensualist.  If you enjoy Tie n Tease or have ever been curious about being a submissive this might also be the perfect massage for you.  Here are just some of the things that can be included:

Bondage, Wax Play, Hair Pulling,Whipping, Pegs & Clamps, Sensory Depravation, Ice Play,   Edge Play, CBT, Power play, Spanking, Face Slapping, Nipple Torture, Domination, Flogging, Prostate Massage, Toys, Lingerie, Sensation Play, Paddling, Biting.                                                                                       

Please note:  Tie n Tease is a body work based session.  I do not currently offer domination sessions without massage.

Foot Fetish: Do you find women's feet particularly beautiful?  We can incorporate this adoration into a sensual, Tantric or Tie n Tease massage.
Mapping & Healing bodywork: If you have experienced past Trauma that is affecting your erection or you are lacking sensation during sex this may be the perfect session for you.  

Learn how to enhance sexual pleasure using breath, movement & touch:   Learn to move & play with your sexual energy.  Increase your capacity for pleasure using breath sound & movement.

Help with premature ejaculation: Learn Taoist control techniques to asisst you ejaculatory choice.

e Sessions for the sexually inexperienced:  My intention in these sessions is to help you form loving connections with women that are both nourishing & pleasurable.  They are available at my disrection to clients who have already booked several one-way touch sessions with me only. 

    During these sessions you will learn:

Boundaries & consent.

Learning about giving & receiving authentic yes's & no's.

Effective communication

Giving & receiving different types of touch.

Tantric Anatomy 

Tantric Breath & Body work

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